Biology Quiz for Lab (Ex. 12 - Genetics )

Question1: Which of the following is an alternate form of a gene ?
[] (a) allele
[] (b) genotype
[] (c) linkage
[] (d) phenotype

Question 2: An individual who is heterozygous for two genes is represented :

[] (a) Aabb
[] (b) AaBb
[] (c) AAbb
[] (d) AABb

Question 3: How many genetically different kinds gametes will an individual with genotype AAbb produce ?

[] (a) 1
[] (b) 2
[] (c) 3
[] (d) 4

Question 4: Round seed is dominant over wrinkled seed in pea. If homozygous, round seeded peas are crossed with wrinkled seeded peas, the offspring will be:
[] (a) all round
[] (b) all wrinkled
[] (c) 50 % round + 50% wrinkled
[] (d) 75 % round + 25% wrinkled

Question 5: If heterozygous round seeded pea plants are self-pollinated the offspring will be:

[] (a) 75% round
[] (b) 50% heterozygous
[] (c) 25 % aa
[] (d) All of the above

Question 6: Assume that red-green colorblindness is sex-linked. A colorblind woman and a man with normal vision have a son. The son's genotype is:

[] (a) Aa
[] (b) ay
[] (c) Ay
[] (d) AxAx

Question 7: A man and a woman, both with normal thumbs, have a son with hitchhiker's thumb. It is likely that ___________ is (are) heterozygous.

[] (a) the son
[] (b) the man
[] (c) the woman
[] (d) both parents

Question 8: A man has blood type A. His wife has blood type B. Their children can have blood type:

[] (a) AB
[] (b) A or B
[] (c) A or B or AB
[] (d) A or B or AB or O

Question 9: Inheritance of the A,B,O blood groups is an example of:

[] (a) incomplete dominance
[] (b) linkage
[] (c) multiple alleles
[] (d) sex linkage
[] (e) all of the above

Question 10: In pigeons, checkered pattern is dominant over plain pattern and red color is dominant over brown. A checkered brown female mated with a plain red male produced 2 checkered red, 2 plain red, and 1 checkered brown offspring. What are the probable genotypes of the parents ?

[] (a) CCRR and ccrr
[] (b) CcRr and CRrr
[] (c) CcRr and ccRR
[] (d) Ccrr and ccRr

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Prepared by: Dr John Oyston, March 14, 1997.